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We at WoxWeb IT Factory feel that if you are going to invest in a website, invest right the first time, giving yourself a competitive edge against the competition. Our sites generally start at $800, but factors such as eCommerce, design, logo creation, and more, will effect the investment of a custom website design, up or down.
If you are a small business looking to take full control over your site once we have built it, even if it is eCommerce, we recommend a WordPress website design as it gives you great SEO qualities as well as ease of use. And never worry, we train all our clients on how to use their new website! If you are a larger business looking to have many custom features, specific to your business needs, we will build a site in any specified language you request, or utilize the best to fit the need, incorporating custom programming as well.

We always recommend an SEO and SEM campaign at the launch of every new website. These campaigns can be 1-3 months long, starting in the month after the completion of the website. These campaigns are the boos that your new website needs to get seen by all the search engines, but more importantly, by your new clients! These offsite SEO campaigns handle things such as link building, article submission, press releases and more!

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All of our services we offer at WoxWeb IT Factory, come with their respective reporting. The process of designing a website can be more complex in some designs. Throughout the entire process we will have check off points and you will also have direct access to our company dashboard, to view, make notes, ask questions, and see the work we are doing as we are doing it, 24/7. Our mission with any web design is to create the perfect site for our clients.

We do not display our pricing because we are not creating cookie-cutter packages. We work as business consultants first and foremost, to determine systems and processes needed to achieve your desired SEO results. We gladly provide FREE Analysis and consultation to all of our clients. We work with packages all aimed with one goal in mind – MORE REVENUE TO YOU, our client!